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New Things Start … NOW!

This morning as I lay in my bed pondering how I was going to “officially” start this (What Could You Do In A Year If You Started Today?) personal challenge, every single doubt and procrastination fear I could think up came to mind until I said aloud … I. AM. DOING. THIS! 

With the inside chatter now silenced I looked over my goals again, pulled my big girl panties up and decided to take a stab at all three today. No pressure because hey, If I’m gonna swim I might as well jump right on into it right?

So, I did a thing today.

I made a small video of myself, didn’t think too much about it and shared it.

I am sharing my starting weight at 257.8 pounds  <- I made sure to include the .8 ounces because when I lose it, that’s going to count as a reason to celebrate too. 

I’m normally a very private person so allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to share this journey is big .. no, I mean really BIG!

I think I’ve check all three boxes for this month.

Now Your turn.

Are you in or nah? What personal goals will you set for yourself? Have you joined me on Instagram or Facebook to share over the next 365 days? 

You can do this sister-girl-friend

Let’s Get To IT!

Until then …

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