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Michelle’s Inaugural Runway

We all agree that Mrs. Michelle Obama is forever royalty personified… today’s inaugural wear is no exception. 

The designer is Christopher John Rogers who is young, Black, and amazingly gifted. 
After drooling and fanning over Michelle’s attire, I went and perused Mr. Rogers collection of work and it is ALL that. While he may be new to some, his skills sit nowhere near the novice corner. He’s worth his due and the prices for his pieces …. Speaking of prices … Let’s just say they are handsomely priced and I’m gonna support him gladly from the “You GO King, I just can’t afford those prices yet” seat. 

It’s good to see another person working in his or her passion, let’s celebrate that. There will be many that will recreate his work in one way or another. Imitation is considered a form of flattery, in this case not so much .

Please don’t buy knockoffs, he’s due all of his shine! 

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