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We see it, hear it and say it all the time. DO YOU!  Depending on what the topic is about and who you’re responding to, “Do You” could have multiple meanings.   

D O    Y  O U   Examples:

  • Responding to that guy who’s been tripping and is about to fall (off) … Do You!
  • You’re the girlfriend on the sidelines watching your bestie stick up for herself and you’re cheering her on … DO YOU Friennnnd!  i.e., remember what we talked about, I’ve got your back.
  • You’re out and about and spot another confident woman who’s rocking it .. and by “IT”, I mean her hair (grown or sewn), or a style of clothing, a bad handbag or her watch this walk then it’s a short but strong celebratory “OhhhhhKay Girl, I see you.  Do YOU!   

Ladies, how Often do we “Do YOU” for our own selves?  When is the last time you celebrated an unapologetic no?  How often do you come up with something you want to do, try or taste and go through with it?  What started out as an unscripted “shoot the shit” chat with good friend and #PouringGoodTea contributing host Kelley turned into a little bit of discovery and dialogue. 

In DO’in YOU:

  • There are no hard and fast rules about what applies*
  • It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, little steps create miles too
  • You can change your mind and try a new DO as often as you please

*Be Good to yourself.  Your Do YOU endeavors should never demean or hurt anyone else physically, emotionally or financially .. if you think of another “ly” throw that one in too.

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