About VanB

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A self-proclaimed Go Getter, Tracie “VanB” VanBuren is all about making it great, from right where you are. With a passion for youth, women empowerment, veterans, and community involvement, VanB’s purpose is to inspire and challenge others to get out of the box, and confidently soar to WOW heights!

As a decorated U.S. Air Force veteran, with formal education in business, human services, and marketing, she was employed in corporate America for over 13 years prior to becoming a fulltime entrepreneur in 2008.

Today, VanB is an entrepreneur, speaker, brand consultant as well as the co-owner of Let’s Have A Bash.


The serious stuff is important to produce quality offerings for others. The serious stuff is WHAT I do, it’s not HOW I roll. Known for my ability to strike up a conversation with virtually anyone, my no nonsense “pull it together” approach to life … I don’t take myself too seriously.

When not working, you can find me in search of a new pair of heels, lip gloss hoarding or enjoying coffee in between full on belly laughs.

Opportunities for Engagement

For speaking/hosting engagements please email your request via the contact page. For training or consultations please feel free to email or call me directly. Phone: (980) 224-2995 Thank You!