A brand is where the inner and outer self connect. The way you see yourself and how others remember you, matters. I am Tracie VanBuren, your guide to developing your personalized brand. I know myself to be a creative, edu-taining, advocate.

Here’s how that shows up in my life:

I am the sole owner of Let’s Have a Bash, where customized gifting, themed events, and impeccable customer service meet to make memborable moments. Through Pouring Good Tea, I curate exclusive experiences for seasoned adults looking to take a step back from the gossip and tap into all of the things that make us human and powerful. As a radio show host, I provided a platform for thousands of listeners to connect with the stories of entrepreneurs and advocates across the country. I served as a decorated U.S. Air Force veteran. Later, I made the transition to a 13 year career in corporate America before deciding to become self employed in 2008. I am privileged to be a part of the Guardian ad Litem network. I work on the behalf of youth to ensure healthy and safe home placements and overall wellbeing. Yes, sometimes that work includes a peptalk, a moment to reapply our best shade of lipgloss, and a goofy dance to shake the frustration. Best of all, I come from a family of business owners — the epitome of hustlers, all committed to being in service to their community.

Others say they remember me not only as a relentless leader and boss lady, but also a coffee and lip gloss loving, empowered woman.

Let me help you be memorable for all of the best reasons, while making money through your authenticity.