Good branding calls you to be the master of your message. No matter if you are a service provider, influencer, working professional, or selling the best kept secrect recipe on the East coast. People need to know who you are and trust that you are the expert in the room.

When you build a brand you are telling your customer a story. They learn why they should choose your service over John Smith from around the block. You are setting expectations for how you will interact with them each and everytime they make a purchase. This creates not only a repeat customer, but a loyal customer that will sing your praises up and down the internet.

Having an established brand can make or break your clients experience with you. The same way we know the lines at Walmart are going to be outrageously long, we also know that Starbucks is going to make you feel at home through their customizations. You can be known for the really great elements of you and your business or for the laundry list of reasons someone doesn’t want to work with you. Both are still a brand, but one is more favorable.

What branding is not?

Branding is not marketing. Marketing serves as the strategy for reaching your vision. Branding is the foundation of that vision. Without knowing how you want your client to feel and remember you, your scheduled social media posts and Facebook ads are futile.

Simply put, marketing asks “how do I share more craft?” While branding says, “this is who I am, invest in my craft.”

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