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Hello there lovey’s

I AM Tracie VanBuren, most everyone simply refers to me as “VanB.”  I’m like the good girlfriend you sip coffee with or the aunt you go to for advice when you’re finally ready to Pull IT Together™  My professional background includes being a decorated U.S. Air Force veteran, formal advanced education and certification in business management, human services, and marketing.  For over 16 years I focused on honing valuable skills and broadening my knowledge base in the corporate sector before embarking upon my mission as an entrepreneur in 2008. 

Today, I’ve married my years of education and experience to my passion for all things relating to personal branding and business development.  

I coach and consult women who are in transition, career professionals and entrepreneurs.  A self proclaimed “lifestyle Assistant” I help my clients with creating clarity, recognizing and eliminating obstacles that derail them, and developing specific strategies for successful goal achievement.  Known for my “make you smile while I deliver it strait no chaser style”, I only work with a small number of highly committed clients.  Individuals who are motivated to succeed and willing to do the work to achieve the success they desire.  

Because I strongly believe education and empowerment are the best gifts one could ever share, I enjoy speaking to and training groups.  I speak to women and young adult groups, small businesses, non-profit organizations and groups who offer second chance initiates to its audience.          

I AM, 

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Tracie VanBuren is …

CEO and Founder of I AM la Brand

CEO and Co-Founder of Signature Event Bags

Personal Brand and Development Strategist

Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Speaker, Blogger

My favorite role to date is that of MOM


For speaking, business or sponsorship opportunities, please submit your proposals via my contact info.