Have you ever been really excited about what your’re about to start doing for yourself, I mean really on fire and ready to get it going?  Well, one of the first things people (read me) do in this situation is to go online to get ideas from other people in their chosen industry or dream job.  Leave it to the old information highway to be both a blessing and a curse to our self-esteem and confidence sometimes.  So, half past your search while looking at someone else’s page, photos or bio and all their accomplishments, you suddenly feel like now isn’t such a bad time to climb back into bed, ball up in the infamous fetal position and rethink your goals.

There are a lot of hard working, successful people of all walks of life who should be proud of their successes.  Often times the “results” you see in someone’s public life give no indication of the sacrifices, time and discipline that wen’t on in their private lives to take the center stage.

My Pull It Together suggestion for you reading this is simple …  

Don’t allow these “instantly famous” folks to make you to abandon your dream because your effort didn’t take off right away. To those who are always winning, don’t forget to include in your message that you skated over some mess ups and real losses to arrive where you are. As a bonus, add fear to the success mix.

If you’re not the slightest bit uncomfortable in your next steps, your destination isn’t grand enough.  <– Take Small Steps if you must, but Think BIGGER Lovey! 

Lastly, be willing to ask for and extend help … not everyone is waiting in line to hate on your next steps.  You’d be surprised how many people want to and need to see you become successful.  Now, let’s get to it!


Until Next Time Lovey,

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Some of this plus a LOT of that equals Success
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2 thoughts on “Some of this plus a LOT of that equals Success

  • June 28, 2016 at 3:46 PM

    It’s great to see a post that speaks to the many people that are routing for a particular individual, rather than always trying to uppercut their haters. I agree. Yes, there is always going to be someone that isn’t as happy for you as you would like them to be, but there are even more people that know about your talent and hard work and want to see you keep pushing.
    Great post!

    • June 28, 2016 at 3:54 PM

      Very well put, and I couldn’t agree more Tahjma. While there seems to be a public thirst for drama and more reality drama, I am a firm believer that even when we stumble … people want to see us get back up. It’s in that getting back up that some are ignited to get up and/or keep trying themselves. Thank you for your comment.


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