When was the last time that you’ve googled yourself or your business name? If your response is 3 months or more, just know that I’m cringing.  If you’re response is never .. well, I need to go and pull myself together while you read the rest of this short but needed information.

I can’t share the following with my new clients enough.  If you’re online anywhere be aware, the following is beneficial regardless of your endeavors.

It’s important to not only search your personal and business name periodically, but also your most used hashtags because:

  • You want to make sure the word association is what you want your identity to be associated with.  You see a new tag like #LongHairDontCare or #BossBabe, not that these are bad but as it trickles down, does the current use of your hashtag use depict who you are?
  • I just had a new client find out her business name was used via hashtags to promote something she had no knowledge of, gave no expressed permission for, or profited from.  If you’re in business for yourself, this is a major NO NO!  Learn how to copyright and protect your name(s) early on so that once your likeness has gained popularity it’s not open season on you and constant damage control.

Once you’re associated with it, and it’s out there you can’t take it back.  What has been shared may not show up on your platform but with the use of tagging, and screen printing it’s a sure bet what ever it is, it’s still hanging around somewhere ready to ruin your reputation.

If you’re made it to this sentence, Thank YOU!  Be sure you leave a comment before running off to google yourself!


Until then ….  Do Grand Things, 

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Have you added THIS to your google search?
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