When I think of all my gains and losses in both my personal life and business endeavors, I am both inspired by the wins and empowered by the losses.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to give in, give up, or have actually changed directions.  Over the years, I have questioned myself, doubted myself, judged myself, compared myself to others (pauses for dramatic reflection) and somehow still find a way to stick to what drives me forward.

Missed opportunities, blunders, miscommunication, and more come with territory of any growth … The thing is to

* Be Prepared:  Know your stuff. Never stop learning and improving on your craft.

* Be Consistent: Keep at it! I inwardly chuckle at the new entrepreneurs I’ve consulted with who’ve been in business for 6-9 months and are ready to do something else because they’re not where they think they should be by now.  Eh-Vah-Ree thing requires practice.  I’d like to meet the super human baby who learned to walk after one single attempt at it.

* Be Confident: Confidence is NOT an outward air of superiority.  It is not a pinkie placement while you sip your tea.  Confidence is a knowing, it’s a self assurance, it’s a tenacity.  It’s an outward manifestation of what’s resting on the inside.

* Be Humble:  Get that “I’ve arrived” thinking out of your head straight away.  EVERYONE in your path is important. That administrative assistant you just spoke to is the gatekeeper to your next big meeting. Try having it your way at Burger King if no one shows up to handle your order. That’s a two lane road you’re traveling along, you’ll meet the same people coming back that you passed on your way up.

* Be Open minded: There is NOthing new under the sun (some of you will get that).  That “new” big idea you’re cooking up … realize there is more than one way to do it. Be open to suggestions and feedback from your team and/or end users.

* Be willing to admit when you’ve fumbled or just don’t know:  People generally want to see you do well especially if what you have to offer improves their lives.  So you messed up, admit it , fix it and move on.

* Be willing to learn from your mistakes and ready to re-strategize from lessons learned:  Ask for and LISTEN to constructive feedback and then make the necessary improvements.  Say it with me, “constructive feed back is good and worth it’s weight in revenue.”

* Be teachable – Nobody likes a smart ass know it all. Nuff Said?

* Be calm:  Add a daily healthy dose of laughter to your life, it’s not that serious … Unless you’re around me before I’ve had my first cup of coffee <- True Story!

* Be patient: It’s all a part of the process.  Stop comparing yourself to those stories of fame without the pain .. all lies I tell ya.

* Be prepared to do it all again: Soooo, you thought when you reached your next level there would be a “failure free” ring waiting there for you that would exempt you from all future goofs? No Lovey, new levels require a new stretch to reach the next rung in life, but you’ve got this.

The road along the way to your chosen destination of success gets bumpy, so sometimes you have to slow down,  take a look at what’s going on and proceed with caution … but never come to a complete stop and park.

Until next time …

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Failure comes with the price of admission to success
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One thought on “Failure comes with the price of admission to success

  • July 13, 2016 at 6:38 PM

    I really enjoyed your article. I think that many times as a business owner, that I forget it is a process. That it is a process that can be fun learning through. Great info.


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