An obvious but often overlooked way to set yourself apart is to write. By posting great content about what you do or offer, you show your audience that you’re an expert in your industry.

BUTTTT, here’s the thing … Unless you write for a technical business, do research, or provide detailed instructions, nobody (read. me.) wants to read boring stuff.  Soooo, when you share, write in your own voice, develop your personal brand.  Engage in your writing like you’re having a conversation, yes people do tend to nod and makes comments with what they agree with when reading. By doing so, you gain audience trust and build customer influence.

The irony that you’re reading this on my blog is not lost on me  …  hopefully you learn something or I help to spark an idea from my sharing.



Until then … Live Out LOUD!

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Still not blogging? Here’s a simple reason why you should
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